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Thomson invented the RoundWay Linear roller bearing for use in high load, heavy duty applications. The RoundWay bearing combines the high load capacity of hardened and ground steel recirculating rollers with a rigid malleable iron mounting block providing high load capacity with smooth linear travel.  The chain-connected rollers allow the RoundWay to travel at extremely high speeds in unforgiving, contaminated environments.

RoundWay Roller Specifications:

Bearing StyleImperial Type (in)
Sizes1/2" - 4"
Trunnion TypesA, B, C
Mount TypesSingle, Dual
Bearing Load CapacitiesUp to 70,000 lbf
Special OptionsSeals

RoundWay Roller Highlights:

  • Chain-guided rollers provide travel speeds up to 100 ft/s (30 m/s)
  • Bearing mounts self-align in all directions and even allow for slightly out of parallel 60 Case LinearRace ways
  • All-steel construction allows operation in temperatures up to 600°F and maximum system rigidity
  • Available in single mounts or dual "V" mounts that resist side-loading

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