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THOMSON Linear Bearing Seals, Retaining Rings

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Thomson offers a complete line of accessories for our extensive collection of linear bearing products including push-in internal rings installed inside the housing bore, external rings that form O.D. shoulders, and double-acting external seals for both fixed and adjustable housings.  Series ADJ seals have a radial slot through the circumference to facilitate diameter adjustment.

Linear Bearing Accessory Specifications:

Accessory StyleImperial Type (in)
Sizes1/4" - 4"
Retaining Ring TypesInternal
Seal TypesOpen
For Bearing TypesRoundWay
Pillow Block
Ball Bushing Bearing

Linear Bearing Accessory Highlights:

  • Felt, integral bearing and pillow block type seals
  • Push-in retaining rings for retention inside housing bores
  • External retaining rings that fit in retaining ring grooves on bearing sleeve

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