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Brand: HIWIN
Product Code: Ballscrews E2 Self-Lubricant
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Cost savings:
The E2 series saves cost by eliminating piping joint systems, change and waste disposal, and by reducing oil purchases. Greatly extends the maintenance period: The E2 series will supply proper lubrication for long periods of time extending the maintenance period.

Easy maintenance:
The special construction of the E2 design requires no tools to replace the oil cartridge. There is no disassembly required when adding the E2 option.

Ideal lubrication position:
The lubrication point is located inside the ball nut allowing for the lubrication to be firmly applied onto the ball tracks. Effortless and flexible installation: The lubrication performs properly in every direction so there are no restrictions when installing the E2.

Clean and environmentally friendly: Prevents oil leakage, making the E2 the ideal solution for clean room environments. Interchangeable oil selection: The replaceable oil cartridge can be refilled with any approved lubrication oil.

Applications for special environments: The lubrication oil can be combined with grease for better results, especially in dusty, dirty, or wet environments.

Characteristic of lubrication oil:
The E2 self-lubrication cartridge is equipped with synthetic hydrocarbon based oil. The lubricate oil has a viscosity grade of ISO VG680. The E2 is compatible with mineral, hydrocarbon, and ester based greases. The E2 can accept synthetic oils with stable characteristics. A high viscosity grade will work well in conditions where there are high and low temperatures. The low fluid draft factor prevents excessive power consumption and deters against corrosion and rust. A compatible lubricate oil with the same viscosity grade can also be used in the replaceable cartridge.


Machine tools Industrial machinery:
printing machines, paper-processing machines, automatic machines, textile machines, cutting and grinding machines, etc.

Electronic machinery:
robots, measuring equipment, X-Y tables, etc.

medical equipment, factory automation equipment, etc.

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