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DBASIX BC 105 Belt Conveyor

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Product Code: BC 105 Belt Conveyor
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  • The newly developed BC105 Belt Conveyor incorporated the lastest technology.
  • Low overall height 155mm from belt top to the bottom of the drive unit housing and yet bearing higher load factor of 60 kilograms uniformly distributed along the entire conveyor length.
  • All drive and driven pulleys are manufactured from aluminium for lighter weight and better rust control. The end caps supporting the two ends driven pulleys are manufactured from Zinc casting to withstand robust side and top stress keeping it from breaking-off.
  • The BC105 Belt Conveyor can be driven from either direction without having to swap the drive unit housing by incorporating a double Take-up Unit at before and after the DrivePulley.

  • The double Take-up Units allow longer elongation does avoiding unnecessary shorten of beltthrough re-vulcanizing.
  • The Speed Controller is very versatile and can be mounted at any side and anywhere along the side Frame Profile for the convenience of the user.
  • The Speed Controller mounting can be fixed with a transparent arcylic cover to prevent accidental or unautorized re-setting of conveyor speed.

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