NB Linear System

Industrial machinery is prevalent among many different fields of industry. Linear motion is one of the basic mechanisms that design in the machinery. Linear motion utilizes sliding and rolling motions to transfer power and displacement into guiding linear-movement.This mechanism is considered to be one of the most important factors in every industrial field.

NB Linear Systems are bearings that utilize the rotational motion of ball and roller elements. The dynamic friction of the ball or roller is substantially lower than that of full-face surface sliding bearings. NB linear systems achieve smooth movement and precise motion response in terms of positioning accuracy by the rolling elements and precision-ground raceway surface.
The NB linear system uses relatively large rolling elements on a long raceway resulting in a high load capacity and long travel life.

Nippon Bearing Co., Ltd, as a general linear bearings manufacturer, contributes to industrial fields not only in Japan but also around the world.

Choosing the Right Linear Motion Solution

Whatever your linear motion problem, we have the right solution. You may need extremely high precision or rigidity to adverse conditions. Or, maybe you’re looking for a compact linear slide and guide system to reduce your machine size. Even if you need a combination all of these characteristics, we have you covered. Choose NB for:

• High load bearing capacity thanks to our multiple-point, omnidirectional ball bearing loading

• Compact block assemblies with low height and optional wide body mounting surfaces

• All-steel construction with various grades of stainless-steel and corrosion-resistant coatings

• A multitude of dust and high-temperature features for use in adverse conditions

• High-precision rail machining that limits friction provides long service life

• Retained, recirculating-ball options for easy installation

• Your choice of tapped or countersunk mounting holes to accommodate all of your devices

You can incorporate NB linear guides and rails in a variety of machines. Many of our linear slides and guides include permanent lubrication that increases the life of your system and reduces downtime. With NB, you can enjoy increased efficiency thanks to high linear transitions, high loads, extreme precision and limited maintenance.

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