Huco was founded in 1965, and was the first manufacturer to successfully adapt properties of engineering plastics in combination with metals, to create and market a range of innovative misalignment couplings.

Since then, our products and manufacturing processes have been continually developed. Now Huco is recognised as a world leader in this specialised field, with an enviable record of application engineering success and a reputation for quality products and service.

In August 2005 the highly successful Dynatork Air Motor company was merged with Huco to form Huco-Dynatork.  A unique combination of strong brands with proven performance in their respective niches.   Less than a year later Huco Dynatork joined the global power transmission group Altra Industrial Motion.

Now, as well as Precision Couplings and Piston Air Motors, Huco’s extensive product range encompasses:

 ·          Motion Control:  Brakes & Clutches, precision leadscrews and Linear motion components

 ·          Power Transmission: AC and DC geared motors, gearboxes, stock gears, diesel engine couplings, universal joints, Unibal rod-ends and linkage components

 ·          Assembly Components: Spacers, pillars and stand-offs, plastic assembly parts

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Huco Bevel L-Box and Huco T-Box Gearboxes

Huco L-Box miniaturised right-angle drives offer two alternative specifications to meet the nee..

Huco Double Loop Couplings

The double loop coupling uses a moulded plastic element permanently swaged to steel or stainless ste..

Huco Friction Clutches Couplings

These small, user-adjustable torque limiters operate by friction using interleaved clutch plates. Th..

Huco Jaw Power Couplings

The 3 piece jaw power couplings (aluminium and cast iron versions) use the flexibility and resi..

Huco Membrane Flex M

Thin pressed steel membranes act as the pivotal members in these couplings. Torque is resolved to si..

Huco Multi-Beam Couplings

These general purpose, multi-beam couplings will readily accommodate any combination of axial motion..

HUCO Nickel Bellows

This completely stress-free electrodeposited nickel bellows has a precisely controlled thickness whi..

Huco Single-Beam Couplings

These general purpose, single-beam couplings will readily accommodate any combination of axial motio..

Huco Sliding Disc (Oldham) Couplings

Rotation is transmitted through a central disc that slides over the tenons on the hubs under control..

HUCO Stainless Steel Bellows Couplings

The characteristics of the bellows coupling can be modified by varying the number and spacing of con..

Huco Step-Beam Coupling

The stepped radial slot design of the Huco Step-Beam coupling provides a product that combines the h..

Huco Uni-Joints & Teleshafts Couplings

Universal joint couplings use a mechanical pivotal action controlled by radial bearings. The Huco-Po..

Huco Uni-Lat Couplings

This coupling combines the sliding mechanism of the Oldham and the pivotal action of the universal j..
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