Hiwin Technologies Corp. is professionally design/development, manufacturing of ballscrews, linear guidways, industrial robots, rolling bearings and medical treatment equipment products. Fill to needs of various industries and for human well-being and work。

Hiwin Technologies Corp. based on CSR and sustainable management goals, all staffs jointly promote the ISO. 50001:2011 Energy Management System , we promised the Energy Policy:

  1. Abide by the laws of energy , we give priority to purchase energy-saving products.
  2. Improving energy efficiency, continuous improvement of energy performance.
  3. Examine the target of energy, make sure to access information resources.
  4. Implementation of energy management systems, full participation in carbon reduction.
  5. Create corporate energy value, construction of sustainable corporate culture.
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HIWIN Ballscrews Cool Type

FeaturesOptimized design for high reliability: Use of computer simulation and FEM analysis, the cool..

HIWIN Ballscrews E2 Self-Lubricant

FeaturesCost savings:The E2 series saves cost by eliminating piping joint systems, change and waste ..

HIWIN Ballscrews Heavy Load Series

FeaturesHeavy Load: A. 2~3 times load capacity than general standard series. B. High axial load and ..

HIWIN Ballscrews Super T Series

FeaturesLow noise (lower 3~5dB than general series)Finest design of recirculation can absorb the noi..

HIWIN CG Series - Superior Rolling Moment with Cover Strip Linear Guideway

FeaturesO-type Configuration- Higher rolling moment capacityNew lubrication path design- Fully lubri..

HIWIN E2 Series(Self lubrication Kit for Linear Guideway)

FeaturesCost reduction:Save costs by reducing oil usage and maintenance. Clean and environmental fri..

HIWIN EG series - Low Profile Ball Type Linear Guideway

FeaturesEG series linear guideway is possessed with high load capacity and high rigidity because of ..

HIWIN HG series - Heavy Load Ball Type Linear Guideway

FeaturesHG series linear guideway is heavy load linear guideway designed by circular-arc groove and ..

HIWIN MG series - Miniature Linear Guideway

FeaturesMG Series with tiny and light weight design is suitable for miniature equipment. All ma..

HIWIN PG Series - Positioning Linear Guideway

FeaturesThe additional components are completely internal, thus saving installation space. Maintains..

HIWIN Precision Ground Ballscrews

FeaturesEnter at a high speed and give (lead one greatly) Low noise Small High replacement (standard..

HIWIN QE Series – Quiet Linear Guideway

FeaturesThe development of HIWIN-QE linear guideway is based on a four-row circular-arc contact. The..

HIWIN QH series - Quiet Linear Guideway, with SynchMotion Technology

Features(1) Low Noise Design With SynchMotion TM technology, rolling elements are interposed between..

HIWIN QR Series - Quiet Roller Type Linear Guideway

Features(1) Smooth Movement In standard linear guideways, rolling elements on the load side of the g..

HIWIN QW Series – Wide Rail Linear Guideway

FeaturesThe HIWIN QW series linear guideway with SynchMotionTM Technology possesses all the advantag..
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